The Rock Idol Next Door

The Washington Post magazine asked me to photograph Mary Timony, a Washington, D.C. guitarist, for an article they were running.

Timony is somewhat of an indie rock legend but you wouldn’t know it by the affable manner she presents to visitors.

She is just a little hard to get a hold of.

After a few unanswered phone calls, I managed to set up a shoot at her home in Glover Park in the house where she grew up. On that beautiful spring day, Mary greeted me on her front porch. Slender and pretty, dressed in a vintage looking blue print dress, black tights and short boots, she gave me a tour of her winsome home.

As we wandered around the house making pictures of her and her favorite guitar we had an inspiring conversation about the similarities of our creative disciplines. She had nothing but patience as I put her through the motions of our photo shoot. We agreed. A photographer or musician is not something that you DO; it is something that you ARE.

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