Strangers on a Train

As an independent photographer, I never know when or where I will meet my next client. He or she could be standing behind me at the dry cleaner, in the waiting room at the car mechanic or be the friend of a friend.

Last fall a current editor of mine, Jose Lopez, Picture Editor Business/Financial News at The New York Times, recommended me to another creative director while they commuted on the train into New York City.

That recommendation turned into a wonderful opportunity to shoot for Imprint client T. Rowe Price, in Baltimore, Md., where I photographed Edward C. Bernard, Chairman, T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Jerome Clark, Portfolio Manager and Stuart Ritter, Senior Financial Planner.

Mr. Bernard was patient, friendly and gracious as I put him through the motions of our photo session.

Mr. Ritter and Mr. Clark were as confident and savvy as you would want your finance gurus to be. I enjoyed my day in the magnificent building at T. Rowe Price, plus, it was nice to visit my money!

Thanks go out to Ashley Brenner of Imprint, all of the folks at T. Rowe Price and my able-bodied assistant Joe Eddins.



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