Our White House

It was a beautiful spring day at the White House. That is if you like cold wet snow because that’s what dumped on DC and the surrounding region.

A little snow doesn’t put the kibosh on President Obama’s schedule; in fact it was a pretty busy day at “Casa Blanca.”

Twenty-eight active duty service members and civilians took the oath of allegiance to become US citizens in the East Room at the White House with President Obama in attendance.

A slightly more hassle-intensive venue than the average government office, what with all the security and leaders of the free world and such, but, all-in-all, a pretty exciting place to raise your right hand and go about swearing your allegiance.

There was a little news wrapped into the event when President Obama made a statement about immigration reform during his remarks.

Later Obama designated five new National Monuments during a signing ceremony in the Oval Office, which was pretty hassle-intensive for all concerned as well, but we’re all used to it by now.

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