New Hampshire Medicine Show

Ah New Hampshire, live free or die.

As the thundering herd of reporters, photographers, politicians and pundits descend on the Granite State, they are met by every local character with a cause. The political medicine show is in town and it seems that no one can escape it.

Outside Manchester’s Belmont Hall a couple of days ago, local performance artist and Democratic Presidential candidate “Vermin Supreme” arrived wearing a boot on his head and armed with a bullhorn. He called out to fellow candidate Rick Santorum: “Will you marry me, Rick? Come out with your hands up and your pants down!”

On the local news, the afternoon anchorwoman cheerfully touted a feature where citizens in a bar laconically stated for the camera what they were drinking and who they would vote for in the primary. Really?

Sign-carrying Ron Paul supporters wearing suits and ties shared the edge of the road with dreadlocked hipsters, united in their quest to see Paul become president. In an appearance at Moe Joe’s Family Restaurant in Manchester, candidate Paul was met at the door by a swarm of media who pushed and shoved, clattering dishes off tables as they followed him through the restaurant.

A flummoxed Paul had enough of the frenzy and left the appearance before sitting down to breakfast and greeting local voters.

While Vermin Supreme heckled the candidate and directed his car out of the parking lot, two cameramen almost came to blows in the fracas.

It seems the world has turned upside down in New Hampshire.

At least until Tuesday night…

Wednesday morning the political medicine show opens in South Carolina.


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