LOOK3 Festival, BD Hope for a Healthy World Exhibit: “Polio’s line in the Sand”

Hope for a Healthy World gallery exhibit opens at the LOOK3: Charlottesville Festival of the Photograph, at 105 S. First Street in Charlottesville, Virginia and runs June 3-12, 2011.

The opening breakfast reception and panel discussion on Global Health begins June 11, 2011 from 9-10am.

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One response to “LOOK3 Festival, BD Hope for a Healthy World Exhibit: “Polio’s line in the Sand””

  1. Dr Al-umra says:

    Dear Mary,
    Let me say ,that I am highly impressed with your photographs, currently I am working in Nigeria in polio communication section in UNICEF in Kaduna. We really need to bring the traditional leaders/community opinion leaders to adopt the immunization program. we are still struggling to penetrate some areas of non complaince. In this part of the world husbands are still the one who can decide what is needed for the child even health.
    During campaign we are missing many children due to child absent ,which is also another way of concealed non-complaince. Children are labeled either in play grounds or with mother in social events. you have been to Nigeria , do playgrounds really exist in this country but for immunization refusal reason they do exist.
    wishing a big success for your exhibition and hope it will attract some positive waves toward polio eradication.

    Regards and hugs.

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