Imam Arafat, interfaith Activist

One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to meet incredible people from all strata of society. While I have been fortunate to photograph kings, queens, and world leaders over the course of my career, I am most grateful for being able to document the lives of those working in the trenches for the betterment of society. Imam Mohamad Bashar Arafat is one of those people.

Imam Arafat is a learned and devoted student and teacher of Islam. He has dedicated himself to bringing together people of differing faiths in America while traveling to 27 nations as an emissary of the U.S. Department of State, personifying what it means to be an American, living in freedom within a diverse ethnic and religious society.

On a brisk November day, I visited Imam Arafat, who was born and raised in Syria, at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Maryland during Friday prayers. Imam Arafat greeted each woman, man and child who came to worship at the mosque as if they were members of his own family.

As a man of god, interfaith activist, and world traveler, Imam Arafat makes sure every person he meets has a seat at his table of spiritual and religious tolerance. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to meet and photograph a man who has devoted his life to building bridges that unite mankind in an effort to bring us all closer together.

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