Hope For A Healthy World Competition » POLIO’S LINE IN THE SAND

Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital, Kano.
getting light treatment-Mujahid Abdullahi, 9
bro in white-aminu, 22
bro in pink-Yakubu, 19
bro in blue Nura, 21
bro in grey- Jamilu, 19
Seperated parents-
dad-Sani Musa
mom- Mariam Abubakar
girl-Zanaib, they think she is three. wife didn’t want to vaccinate here, doesn’t want to vaccinate the boy either

Mariri Vocational Training Center

shoes from above-Abdullahi Ibrahim, 42, taupe no hat

under windows- wearing hat-Uba Ibrahim, 50
child peeing next to car at Tori Home Rehabilitation Center
Polio Association-
across street-Idiris Mohammed, 30
yellow wheelchair- long brown pants-Oshibu Muktar, 44
crossing street, brown patterned shirt- Isha Idiris, 20
Sudi Sabu, 21, ?
Alasahi Shibu, striped pants- 36

Multari Muhammed 20, welding nest to prayers
sawing- Ali Walda
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
( Photography by Mary F. Calvert )

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