Federal Reserve Chief Ben S. Bernanke

Recently, I  was assigned by the New York Times to photograph Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Ben S. Bernanke.

I went through the hefty security at the Federal Reserve building in Washington, D.C. and walked through the gorgeous halls of the building heading to the Chairman’s office, passing marble stairways with ornate iron work, columns and tiled ceilings. The place was a terrific backdrop for a portrait.

Chairman Bernanke was a very good sport as I put him through the paces of getting his portrait shot. He gracefully took all of my suggestions and didn’t say no to any of the locations I had scouted out the day before. When we went back to his office, he continued working and ignored me while I made pictures.

All in all it was a pleasure, a great location, and co-operative willing subject added up to a solid portrait. the New York Times used it at the centerpiece of their Sunday Business section. Since they they have used the portraits several times in editions all over the world.

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