I just published a new gallery on, of a project I recently completed about Florida’s Space Coast and the effects of the Space Shuttle’s retirement on the local communities.

During its heyday, Titusville, Florida enjoyed the distinction of being the capital of Florida’s Space Coast. Scores of support staff launched astronauts into space from the Kennedy Space Center, while thousands of spectators crowded the shores of Titusville to view the launches and grocery stores, gas stations and businesses of all kinds opened to serve their earthly needs. Titusville was a boomtown born of the space race.

Now, with the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, the boomtown is going bust; reeling from NASA’s withdrawal from manned space flight. The economic casualties are mounting in Titusville and surrounding communities as home foreclosures skyrocket and the ramifications of over nine thousand people losing their jobs is the closing of businesses all across the Space Coast.

The New York Times ran the story in its Sunday Business section.

I hope you enjoy the story and pictures.


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