Chris Ashby Launches!

My new friend and client Chris Ashby recently launched his law practice and I made the pictures that are featured on his fabulous new website.

Chris specializes in political activity law and his new firm is a “full-service political activity law firm that provides legal advice and representation on federal, state and local regulation of campaign finance, election law, lobbyist regulation and government ethics”. Whoa! Wonk Alert!

But wait, there’s more.

Dailey Crafton, Creative Director at¬†Live From Bklyn,¬†designed Chris’s site. “Chris Ashby approached us to provide a design that was cool, fresh, modern and sleek but also communicate a level of conservatism.” Live from Bklyn designs everything from web sites to product packaging. I loved the way they used my pictures as background on the site. In this over-packaged, over stimulated world we are bombarded with everyday, the streamlined look Crafton created was something I had not seen before.

Chris set out to find a photographer that would make his new site come alive and I was pleased that he found me during a Google search. Nice to know search engines occasionally get you some notice. We had a great time during the shoot in and around the US Capitol in Washington DC and in Alexandria, Virginia.


I found Chris to be a very friendly, personable and bright guy. Plus, he loves Dr. Pepper and that says a lot. If I ever run for office and need an attorney, I know whom to call.


Bravo to Chris and Dailey for all of their hard work.

Thanks guys, for making me look good.


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