2016 World Press Photo

Three years ago, my husband, photojournalist Joseph M. Eddins Jr. alerted me to the ongoing crisis of sexual assault in America’s military. Since then, I have produced a body of work dedicated to showing the human toll behind the shocking statistic of an estimated 21,000 sexual assaults committed each year in the US Armed Forces. The first part of the project examined the hearings on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, the second part introduced the survivors and last year I was honored to receive the 2014 Alexia Foundation Women’s Initiative Grant for the third installment of the project: “Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veterans.”


I am humbled to announce that my work, “Sexual Assault in America’s Military” was just awarded 1st Prize, Long Term Projects in the 2016 World Press Photo competition. Congratulations to all the prizewinners including Nancy Borowick and David Guttenfelder. I would like to thank my husband Joe and my mom, Mary T. Calvert for being my biggest supporters and most honest critics, Scott Mc Kiernan, Ruaridh Stewart and the team at ZumaPress for championing the work, which would not have been possible without the support of the Association des Femmes Journalistes, Canon France AND the Alexia Foundation.

Bravo to the one and only Jean Francois Leroy for exhibiting some of the work in Perpignan, France. I also applaud Nikon for building the fantastic cameras that I used to shoot the pictures. But most of all, and from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the brave men and women of the US Military for courageously sharing their stories with me.


I hope you enjoy the gallery of pictures of “Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veterans” on my website.

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  1. Dear Ms. Calvert,
    My name is Laura Hatcher, I’ve been serving in the United States Navy since I was 17yrs old (approaching 29yrs this Spring). I wanted to commend you for your powerful photography and thank you for advocating and giving a voice to female veterans and the challenges they face but while in uniform and after they move on from the military. Just today, I attended the Navy’s annual Sexual Assault and Prevention Training — your images and short vignettes resonated more clearly than anything I’ve ever seen. As an amateur photographer, myself, I can only hope that my future work will have as much impact as yours has on me in just the short few moments I spent reviewing your “Sexual Assault in America’s Military” series. Well done and thank you again. Sincerely LH

  2. Dan & Mary Hanson says:

    As parents of a victim of military sexual abuse we would like to thank you for your dedication and efforts to expose the life shattering events and so what attitude of our nation’s military. Unless you or a loved one has experienced this crime it’s impossible to understand how it destroy s lives. Until it is fully exposed nothing will change. Thanks from proud parents of a damaged veteran.

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