Through the Eyes of Hope

Lets talk a little bit about wisdom and compassion.

Every couple of months, I receive a picture postcard in the mail from the Through the Eyes of Hope Project, a snapshot from the life of a child thousands of miles away in Rwanda.

My friend, photographer, Linda Smith founded the project after a trip to Rwanda in 2006, where she saw first hand just how much pictures meant to the adults and children she met, many of whom were seeing their images for the first time.

A year later, Smith shared her gift of photography with 11-orphaned children at the Kagugu School in Rwanda when she put cameras in their hands. That first workshop was a huge success and it opened up a new world for those kids who lost their parents to the 1994 genocide and AIDS. The kids discovered the joy of documenting their lives and some even turned the discipline into a trade and made money for food and school fees by photographing weddings.

Linda continues to offer photography workshops for kids in Rwanda, Ghana and the Bronx, New York. Through photography as art therapy, the children are able to tell their own stories, learn a trade and expand their world by sharing their culture with all of us through postcards and art exhibitions.

Thank you Linda, for passing on your gift of photography so freely.

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift that will bring joy to the recipient and enrich the world of a child, I urge you to donate whatever you can spare to the Through the Eyes of Hope Project. (insert link)

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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