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Happy Holidays from Hampden hon! | Mary F. Calvert


Happy Holidays from Hampden hon!

I love the holidays, the lights, the magic and the wonder. A few days before Christmas however, it gets a little crazy out there.

I think Charles Durning said it best in his prayer from the movie “Home for the Holidays.” (Just change out Thanksgiving for Christmas or Hanukkah or Festivus.)

“Dear lord, we realize that lately everything’s changing too damn fast and all sorts of things are always the same, even things we hated like shoveling the turkey and stuffing the snow and going through the same crap year in and year out …give me those old fashioned pain in the ass traditions like Thanksgiving, which really means something to us, even though, God damn it, we couldn’t tell you what it is, are starting to stop and 1000 year old trees are falling over dead and they shouldn’t. That’s all from this end, Amen.”

“That was absurd let’s eat dead bird,” replied Robert Downey Jr.’s character.

But seriously folks, let’s hear it for peace on earth, good will towards men AND women AND children, no exceptions. Let’s do a better job of taking care of each other and the planet.

A very merry, merry and a happy, happy to all!


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