Another day in picture paradise

Whoever said that being a photojournalist is glamorous and exciting? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything because it’s not just a job but also a calling. It’s just that following that calling as an independent photojournalist requires an additional skill set that has little to do with light, composition and moment.

These days I spend more time driving my desk than shooting pictures. There are invoices to send, licenses to write, pictures to tone, grants to apply for and equipment to maintain. Not to mention all the tweets, phone calls and emails. On top of that are distractions like Facebook, grumpy cats and videos of stupid human tricks. Maintaining focus is not just for my lenses anymore.

Then there is my website that constantly needs updating and tender loving care. With the help and hard work of my website designer Jess D’Amico, we recently tore down some walls and moved some furniture around.

Under “Photography” in the main menu, we simplified the “Portraits” gallery into three new albums:

PROFESSIONALS“The Professionals”

SOAKED“The Politicians”

00027725-LPP--004“The Rest of Us”


Plus, we added a “Published” album

I hope you find the updates appealing and think of me for your next assignment.

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  1. Simon says:

    Excellent feature regarding rape in military. My daughter Kelly last week started her 5th tour in afghan with the British Army. Thankfully she has never been subjected to anything more than banter and the odd Taliban RPG.

    For those that you inspire, we salute you !

    Kindly Simon

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